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Measurements & Calculations
Our experienced engineers are trained to solve a problem in the most economical and practical way. Dedicated software is available to achieve this efficiently.

We apply our vibration measuring equipment to analyze vibration, shock and structure-born-noise problems. This allows us to find the best solution for each specific problem.




A specific vibration problem? We apply our vibration measuring equipment to analyze vibration and shock/structure-born-noise problems at any location. This allows us to find the best solution for each specific problem. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our measuring specialists.


In addition to our vibration measurement services, we can model complex systems by computer modulations using Finite Element Method (FEM). This enables us to offer an effective solution for almost every vibration problem.

Test facility

We have specific testing machines for performing static or dynamical tests. Our machines can be used for both tension and compression tests and are extremely accurate (1kN to 100kN / accuracy range: class 1). VCE techniek can carry out various testing methods:

Static research
• Static deflections;
• Determination of the installation height as a result of the actual load;
• Determination of spring stiffness / spring constant;

Static load determination
Determination of maximum load (destructive / non-destructive);

Static ‘creep’ test
• Durability test under constant load;
• Determination of ratio creep with respect to spring-up;

Dynamic research
• Dynamic spring stiffness / spring constant;
• Determination of natural frequency;
• Change of damping value as a result of heating;

Sweep test
• Relation dynamic spring stiffness: natural frequency;
• Relation dynamic spring stiffness: vibration amplitude;
• Relation damping: natural frequency: amplitude;
• Determination of vibration isolation value;
• Calculation of the vibration isolation value at entered stop frequency;

Service life tests
• Dynamic endurance test;
• Investigation of dynamic creep behaviour over time;
• Assessment / investigation of damage (fatigue / vulcanization degradation and defects).

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