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VCE techniek is an innovative and experienced engineering, manufacturing and trading company in the field of vibration and shock control. We specialize in rubber to metal-bonded anti-vibration mountings, steel springs, air springs and general rubber products. These products are designed and supplied for marine, railway, automotive and general industries. Capabilities include custom-made solutions for individual demands and specific applications. If required, this includes on-site vibration surveys to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Our customers require products of the best quality. As a result, we offer a product range, which is manufactured and designed to meet the highest industry standards. Most of our products are manufactured in our own production facility to assure the quality of our products and guarantee a short delivery time. Custom-made components can be delivered within a short period of time due to a flexible production process.


Quality and customer satisfaction are the main reasons for our existence. With design, engineering, testing and production all taking place under one roof, VCE techniek offers a wide range of products and services. If your business requires accurate standard products or unique custom-made solutions, VCE techniek is your ultimate partner.


For the coming years, VCE techniek wants to build a solid position in the worldwide market where Corporate Social Responsibility will become the leading role. By making use of 100% sustainable materials and production processes, we contribute creating a better world.


Sustainability is a significant importance in all our business processes. By using sustainable materials, state of the art production technologies with low CO2 emissions, and a reduced waste flow by reusing packaging materials, VCE techniek contribute to a better environment.


Excellent customer service

Questions? Feel free to ask anything. Our employees are pleased to help you from Monday till Friday from 09:00 am – 05:00 pm.

Fast Delivery

Due to our large stock, the estimated delivery time for standard products is 24 hours.

High-quality products

We are working with the highest industrial quality standards and the finest materials to provide our customers state of the art products.

Competitive pricing

Our efficient and innovative manufacturing methods allow us to offer our products at competitive rates.

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