TM-Mountings are widely used anti-vibration mounts for the suspension of rotating  equipment like generator-sets, pump-units and cooling-machinery. These mountings are designed for loads from 3 kN to 20 kN and have natural frequencies of less than 4 Hz. The mountings have high deflection capabilities which gives 97% insulation against 1500 r.p.m. TM-Mountings have a long service life and can withstand shocks of 3 to 5 g without damage.

Type TM-30000 is developed for suspension of heavy machinery like generator-sets, pump-units and floating floor systems (Two Mass Systems). These mountings are produced in a variety of rubber mixes. For the selection of these mountings we advise you to consult our engineers.


Total-energy-units, diesel-generatorsets, pumpunits, cooling
equipment, compressor-units

anti-vibration mounting


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Max. 2000 Kg – 16 mm – 4 Hz

Max. 30.000 Kg – 10 mm – 5 Hz

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